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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rule 63 Jack frost

Hello everyone
Happy New Year (bit late.. but still)

To those who aren't familiar with Rule 63, it basically is the internet's rule for gender swapped characters. Basically meaning for every male character there is a female version the other way around.

I have recently become mildly obsessed with the film 'Rise of the Guardians', and the character of Jack Frost.
As Jack Frost is a male character, I'm using this rule of the internet as excuse to cosplay as him, well a female version of him anyway.

This is the first time i've attempted anything like this
But it shouldn't be too hard.

Here's what i've worked out I'll need
Hoodie (I'm gonna need to modify this)
Staff (gonna have to make this)

I currently have none of these things
that's all for now

Happy Cosplaying

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Yeah.... it's finally done....
Finished it as of about half an hour ago.
Now... I'm wondering what to do next.
I know i didn't update while I was sewing the ruffles and making the overskirt.
I should have, but i've been busy.
I'm so happy that this is finally finished though.

Happy Cosplaying

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kaylee Update and Possible new costume

Okay so I haven't updated for a bit..

Two things mainly. Bodice is basically done aside from tailoring and sewing on the buttons.... I also need a ribbon belt which I forgot about the first time..

also... I now have all the fabric i need for the skirt. and I caved a bought a hoopskirt.
because I'm lazy and I don't have a lot of time on my hands

The next quick costume i'm going to attempt is Bennett Halverson from Dollhouse. it's relatively simple aside from the part where the character of Bennett has a dead arm. In a sling with a black glove. Might be tricky.
other than that, I can basically use my own clothes aside from the red hairclip

I'll post photos later
until then

Happy cosplaying

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kaylee update

Hi all

Another day another update
still need to sew that on... sew the buttons and tailor it
then it will be done.
But hey, at least the sleeves are sewed on, and BTW I sewed the sleeves on by hand.

Until my next update

Happy Cosplaying

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kaylee Update (Might modify this post with more pics)

Hi there

More updates
sleeves are done, but are currently unattached from the rest of the bodice until i figure out how to attach them.
I also now have the buttons and time to actually try and finish this.
My goal is to get the bodice done by the end of this week... though in theory... I could be done tonight.

So I might edit this post and throw up pics of the finished bodice.

Until I post again

Happy Cosplaying

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kaylee Update (Includes photos)

Hi All

I know I don't normally update during the week... but I have something to actually post today, as well as the promised photos.

But first to the updates
I've been a busy bee tonight and now my bodice for my dress is 70ish% done.
I'm happy enough with it to post photos... well a photo.
 Bodice... is 70% done...ish.. still need to add details... sleeves... the first layer of ruffles, and additional tailoring will be done later
 My Dr Who scarf... it's long enough to go around three people.
My weird loki inspired head band thing...
4 pipecleaners 

Also i'm reconsidering commissioning a loki cosplay costume and thinking about doing it myself... if anyone can forward me to any good tutorials, that will be a big help.

And Tomorrow is cosplay thursday... I'm going to do a partial Coraline cosplay wearing what elements of the costume I have. I'll post photos if I remember.

Happy Cosplaying
I'll post again as soon as I can

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kaylee and Coraline update, plus possible new costume and dr who scarf..

Hi everyone

It's been a couple months since my last update.
But I have things actually worth mentioning this time around.
I now have a sewing machine, which means I actually started sewing my Kaylee dress today. (FINALLY!)  The back panel is kinda confusing me at the moment, because this in general is breaking new ground for me. I'll post photos when I've got the bodice to at least a 50% finished stage, right now it's at the 17%ish stage.

I also now have a raincoat for my Coraline cosplay.
Which means all i really need now is possibly a blue wig and yellow gumboots.

Also for those who know me from other sites.. yeah... might have noticed a mild obsession with the character of Loki from  Avengers and Thor. If you haven't seen either already. GO AND WATCH THEM. they are awesome. back on topic,
I'm currently considering a genderswapped loki cosplay costume as well.. either that or a dress inspired by loki's costume... possibly both.
I'll get back you all on that one, I still have Princess Luna from MLP to finish as well as my River Tam dress. but they are further down the list of things to get done.

Also I've knitted a seemingly freakishly long dr who scarf.
Pics will come when i next do a photo post. I got the pattern off here.
It was a fun activity and was something i've always wanted to make.

Happy Cosplaying
I promise photos ASAP